I'm John Yeager

I'm a Seattle-based award-winning podcast and video producer, media content strategist, and media affairs blogger with more than two decades of experience in journalism and public relations. I have a lifetime's appreciation for a good story, whether it's viewed, listened to or read.

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About me

About Me
What I Do
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About me

John Yeager

I'm a 17-time Emmy Award-winner, 41-time Emmy Award nominee, media content strategist and developer, documentary producer, media affairs blogger, podcast producer, videographer, photographer and lifelong Green Bay Packers fan.

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What I DO

Video Production

Positively Northwest is a small video production business offering my production, writing and editing talent for videos of all lengths (short features, long features and documentary). My freelance news work has aired on KCTS (PBS Seattle), Seattle Channel, King County TV as well as nationally on The Hallmark Channel. Freelance clients include The Boeing Company and the  Seattle Neuroscience Institute.

Content Strategy

Positively Northwest can also help you develop your story and strategize innovative ways to help you tell it. This includes media training, press release writing and pitching as well as social media content strategy. Past clients include, Visual Peacemakers, Outlaw Media, Camp GoodTimes and others. I've been successful placing stories both locally (Seattle area) as well as national media outlets,

Repurposed Journalist

Many journalists have stories of their own to tell after meeting a daily deadline. They often find fulfilling purpose. My Repurposed Journalist blog examines life after the newsroom.

Podcast Production

I'm an award-winning podcast producer examining the way blood donation through Bloodworks Northwest touches virtually every aspect of daily life in the Pacific Northwest. Bloodworks 101 is designed to educate and inspire you to donate time, money or blood.

Latest work

my work

Short Promotional Feature  

Salish Sea Adventure  

A video about a Salish Sea Adventure and Crab Fest offered by the Salish Center and long-time Lummi Island resident, Riley Starks. Video was shot August 23rd, 2020 on and around Lummi Island in Washington State.


Documentary Production

Make Hummus Not Walls

Seen by audiences across the nation, Seattle peace activist Andy Larsen travels to the West Bank and Israel in hopes of building a bridge between Palestinians and Israelis.


KCPQ TV Feature  

The Smile Zone  

Q13 Feature story of the simple human kindness that took place one spring day on Seattle's Westlake Avenue right in front of Q13.


KIRO 7 TV Feature  

It Coulda Been Worse  

Same day feature tracking wind storm damage through a suburban Seattle neighborhood. While damage was heavy, those hard-hit by storm considers themselves ... lucky


KCTS 9 TV Feature  

Frank Chopp - Affordable Housing Champion

Seattle's KCTS "Up Close" segment features long-time affordable housing advocate and former Washington State House leader, Frank Chopp tracing the history of the struggle for affordable housing on a walk through the Cascade neighborhood.


KCPQ Feature Story   

Hot Dog!  

Emmy Award-winning feature story about Joe Bernstein and his unusual approach to selling your typical hot dog. Story originally aired during Fan Fest of the 1999 MLB All-Star Game played at Safeco Field (now T-Mobile Park) in Seattle.


Long Form Online Feature

The Marah Project

Former Seattle TV personality finds purpose in the aftermath of an unimaginable loss. This video was designed to raise awareness for The Marah Project. More than 13,800 views.


KIRO 7 TV Feature  

Positively Piledrivers

Emmy Award-Winning TV feature shows why some folks in Seattle's SoDo District paid a higher price for the new ballpark than others. Louder too.



Bloodworks 101

Bloodworks 101 is a twice-monthly podcast produced by Seattle-based Bloodworks Northwest, the region's leading supplier of blood and blood products. The Anthem Award-winning podcast is designed to educate and inspire listeners to donate time, money or blood.


Fundraising Video

Forging Peace  

This compelling fundraising video for The Pratt Fine Arts Center, highlights the story of a Bellevue widower and the impact of the classes he and his two children took at Pratt after their mother's death. In the process of learning to work with metal, this father and his children forged an enduring image of peace for their family.


Short promotional Feature

Potsticker Love - Hot Stove Society  

Video features cooking class conducted by acclaimed Seattle chef Hsiao-Ching Chou from Seattle's Hot Stove Society. In this class, students are taught how to make potstickers.


Online Promotional  Production

Tilton's Takes  

This promotional video features Roger Tilton, national cannabis industry expert and his informed opinion on investment opportunities across America.


Hallmark Channel Feature 

The Soundtracker

Hallmark Channel feature story follows Gordon Hempton, The Soundtracker as he explains why he's passionate about a saving a little piece of the world where you can't hear ... us.


Online Short Feature  

A Woman's Best Friend  

Short feature illustrates the strength  of the bond between a Seattle area woman and her best friends. More than 3,300 views.


Documentary Production

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

This documentary traces the steps of Seattle peace activist Andy Larsen as he travels from the Pacific Northwest to the West Bank and Israel in hopes of discovering whether peace is even remotely possible in one of the most war-torn places on earth.


Documentary Trailer  

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

This trailer was instrumental in raising more than $20,000 through GoFundMe for travel and production of a full-length documentary.



Emmy Award Winner and Society for Professional Journalists

John Yeager is a 17-time Emmy Award winner (feature reporting, sports reporting, news writing and documentary production), a 41-time Emmy Award nominee, as well as a multiple Society for Professional Journalists award-winner and an Iris Award-winner for documentary production (National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE).
2002 - Outstanding Same Day Feature "Hot Dog"
1997 - Outstanding Same Day Feature "Pile Drivers."
1996 - Outstanding Soft Feature "Enchantments"
1995 - Outstanding Specialty Reporting "Positively Northwest"
1994 - Outstanding Specialty Reporting "Positively Northwest"
1993 - Outstanding Specialty Reporting "Positively Northwest" &
Outstanding Writing News
1992 - Outstanding Fine Arts Special "Thomas Hampson"
1991/92 - Outstanding Documentary "The Empire Builder"
Outstanding Soft Feature - "Flying Fish"
Outstanding Sports Feature "Coach Paton"
1990/91 - Outstanding Sports Feature "Lost Prairie"
1989/90 - Outstanding Soft News Feature " Going to the Sun"
1988/89 - Outstanding Sports Feature "Spokes"
1987/88 - Outstanding Soft News Feature "King of Junk"
1986/87 - Outstanding Soft News Feature "When Forest Meets the Fall"
1997 - Outstanding Feature - "The Enchantments" Association of Religious Broadcasters
1986-1991 Best Feature - Society for Professional Journalists
1985 Best Feature - "Snow Train" - Wisconsin United Press International Broadcasters Association
1992 Best Documentary - "The Empire Builder" - National Association of Television Program Executives

Multiple Public Relations
Society of America Awards

For the past two years, John Yeager has been a part of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Totem Award winners, first as a lead in the 2017 Aegis Living award-winning entry and then again in 2018 for the Bloodworks Northwest PRSA Totem Award-winning entry.
2018 - Totem Award PRSA (Puget Sound Region)
2017 - Totem Award PRSA (Puget Sound Region)